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5 Reasons Yoga Is Better Than The Gym

Image credit: Pexels The wellness of our mind and body has become a bigger topic of conversation than just how to be thin and fit. With that mindset, we are looking more at whether we are putting healthy foods into our body instead of low calorie ones, whether we are taking enough time to de-stress… Read More »

Royal facialist Daiva Kamysova's yoga facelift revealed

Royal facialist reveals how to give yourself a DIY ‘yoga facelift’ in just two simple steps (and Meghan’s a fan!) Celebrity facialist Daiva Kamysova treats royals including Amelia Windsor Her £150 Yoga Facelift has fans among her A-list following for its results Shared two-step guide to recreating the facial, which Meghan is a fan of… Read More »