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There Is Toxic Fungus in E-Cigs

Smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes takes a large toll on health. They contain thousands of toxic chemicals that are released into your lungs and the air with every puff. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 calls it the “single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States.” Traditional combustible cigarettes kill more… Read More »

Toxic substances found in diapers in France: government agency

PARIS (Reuters) – A variety of potentially toxic substances, including glyphosate, has been found in babies’ diapers in France, according to a study published on Wednesday by the French environment agency ANSES. “Following studies carried out on nappies and how they are used, the watchdog has found evidence of several chemical substances at dangerously high… Read More »

Detoxes, cleanses, and cheat days: A guide to toxic diet culture language – Quartz

“detox” This is mostly a marketing expression, and there’s little consistency in what products mean when they make claims about removing “toxins” from the body. Besides, the liver and kidneys manage to effectively detox most people’s bodies. “superfoods” or “miracle foods” While it’s true that humans thrive when eating a balanced diet that’s high in… Read More »