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Bristol-Myers yanked its Celgene bid days before deadline—and got a better price

On Dec. 10, Bristol-Myers Squibb made what it said was its final offer to acquire Celgene. But it turns out that wasn’t the case. It ended up scoring a better deal instead. Just days before a Jan. 2 deadline Bristol-Myers itself had set for wrapping up an agreement, the New Jersey drugmaker pulled that proposal—$ 57… Read More »

Schoolboy rushed to hospital on Christmas Day has been in a coma for nine days with 'swine flu’

Schoolboy, 15, is fighting for his life and has been in a coma since Christmas Day after being struck down by SWINE FLU Robert Brennan, 15, was initially suspected of having a kidney infection He was put in a coma after a diagnosis of pneumonia, sepsis and swine flu He will be brain damaged if… Read More »